consumable supplies & materials

practice focused sales team, local warehouse, just in time delivery, thousands of items in stock, just different

our difference

Our supplies team provides the consumable products that keep your dental team chairside with your patients. We believe that there is more to supply fulfillment and take pride in hundreds of ways our team can support your team. We offer...

  • dedicated account managers
  • top brands in every category
  • dental industry veterans in customer service
  • locally stocked products
  • just in time delivery
  • free good processing
  • competitive prices
  • rolling unique weekly and monthly specials
  • real people answer the phones
  • web ordering

We are your supply chain managers and partners. Ask us how we can take an active role in managing and improving your supply chain within the practice. We can save you money and time, freeing your team to spend time with your patients. Ask us about how we can become a part of the solution and drive practice productivity.

team based practice support approach

dental team with J&L.png

we are more than a vendor, we are real contributors to your dental practice's successes

When you partner with J&L Dental you are adding virtually 6 new roles within your dental practice. what does adding 6 more members to you team accomplish?

Account Manager - your professional supply chain & relationship manager

  • Responsible for managing J&L's presence in your practice. they're like a quarterback leading the team down the field

Equipment Specialist -your dental infrastructure manager

  • Responsible for consulting on all your dental equipment needs, assist your team in forecasting and managing the dental infrastructure you depend on daily

Business Development Partner - your business owner support consultant 

  • Business owner to business owner partnership focusing at a upper management level to help develop and advance the business side of your dental practice. Harnessing our network of other successful business owners and business support services to drive practice success. its like having your own business owners peer group.

Customer Service Expert - your first line to issue resolution

  • Our customer service team will always answer the phone, no automated voices or computers here! They are responsible to get right to work on any number of issues your practice may need assistance with. Mobilizing our team and our resources immediately to serve your team.

Equipment Service Techncian - your "on demand" dental equipment repair tech

  • Our service technicians may be the most well know member of our team. They are responsible for getting our clients out of trouble when equipment fails to perform. our service team is know for fastest response time and fixing things right the first time. 

IT Service Technician - your IT department

  • Our DCS (dental computer specialists) division is like having your own IT department. they are responsible for keeping the critical dental IT infrastructure running smoothly and efficiently.  we deliver a proactive maintenance approach to keep this ever evolving piece of your practices backbone in front of issues and changes.

Our unique approach provides value to a practice at each of these individual roles.  The real power comes from our behind the scenes collaboration as a team on your practices behalf.  We have invested in powerful communication tools to ensure our team works together at any level on behalf of our clients. That is our true difference.