a service department that provides complete dental infrastructure support



In 2010 Johnson & Lund Co. acquired TSI Dental, a dental IT company. We recognized the emerging need for a complete solution as technology, computers and traditional dental equipment started to blend. As we march towards the age of the "internet of things" it has never been as important to have a support organization that can handle all the critical pieces of your dental infrastructure.  With J&L you get the entire spectrum from network design and build out to vacuum and compressor. The modern dental practice cannot survive without both the utility room and the server room. 

We changed TSI Dental's name to Dental Computer Specialists  (DCS). With their background in software and hardware we have rounded off our service offerings to provide that complete solution. Throughout 2014 and 2015 DCS has been rolling into J&L operationally. Some exciting changes and opportunities are coming in late 2015 and early 2016 that will change how dental service and IT support are done.

dental equipment service

for decades we have been the service department of choice in upstate New York

Our service department is simply different. Our customer service first culture is rooted in deep in our service department. We have fostered a "get the the doctor back up and running first and foremost" attitude. Our technicians are trained for years in apprentice style hands on training.

We stock all of our parts right here in New York. We also have fully stocked vehicles on the road. Those two combine to create a low recall rate and in many cases a single visit to solve your practices issue. Our goal is always to get you up and running in the shortest time period possible. That means lost production impact is minimal with J&L Dental.

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dental computer service

Dental Computer Specialists or DCS as most call them, are a team of dental specific information technology professionals. J&L Dental is one of the few dental suppliers in the country to have a fully incorporated IT technology department. We design, build out and support complete dental IT infrastructures.

In 2010 J&L purchased TSI Dental to meet the growing demands of integrating dental technology into the dental infrastructure. We prided ourselves on the fact that we could react and support our clients mission critical dental infrastructure in ways our competition could not. Dentistry has evolved to include the network, software and computer hardware as one of the most critical pieces of that infrastructure. DCS gives J&L the unique ability to build, maintain and evolve that IT infrastructure into the future. As we move towards the internet of things we are well poised to be a leader in dentistry and technology adoption and integration.  


  • build commercial grade networks for dental practices

  • have dental specific experience to guide your infrastructure to meet the demands of the modern dental practice

  • provide proactive regular maintenance and support

  • sell, install and support the only dental software designed for the wireless environment

  • support most major dental software suites

  • sell, install and maintain your VoiP phone system

  • can combine with our mechanical service team for a unified deployment and support system (no more vendors pointing fingers at each other!)

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