Original Logo circa 1870s

Johnson & Lund Co. was founded in 1858 by two men from Sweden, Frederick N. Johnson and Oliver Lund.  Their first location was 620 Race Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  As the company grew they opened locations in Chicago and Peoria, Illinois, Atlanta, Georgia, and Rochester, New York.

In 1924, the President, Allan Lund, and Thomas J. Norris, decided to liquidate their assets and sold the individual retail outlets.  John Boschert, manager at the time, Clarence T.  Hall, John E. Van Dussen Sr., and Catherine Sullivan purchased Johnson & Lund Co. of Rochester.  John Boschert became President of the new Johnson & Lund Co., Inc. and they became incorporated in 1924 with an office on Main Street, 334 Granite Building, Rochester, New York.

Sibley Tower Building circa 1920s

In 1929, Johnson & Lund Co. Inc. moved to the 11th floor of the Mercantile Building, but outgrew the space very quickly and moved to the 9th floor within the same building.  The Mercantile Building was later renamed the Sibley Tower Building.

John Boschert died in 1945 and John E. Van Dussen, Sr., became President.  The company moved into its own 3800 sq. ft. building at 385 Andrews Street.  This location also had an additional 1400 sq. Ft.  Building which was used for an equipment service and storage area.

John E. Van Dussen, Sr. President, William J. Bleier, Vice President, and Gunnar E.  Johnson, Sales Manager, procured the interests of Catherine Sullivan and Clarence Hall in the 1950’s.

In 1987, John E. Van Dussen, Jr., began liquidating his interests to his three key employees, Roy P. Dolce, President, Gerard Larkin, Vice President, and David F. Rodman, Vice President.  The business continued to operate at 167 Liberty Pole Way until 1992.  In 1992 the company moved to its present location at the Townline Office Park, 3495 Winton Place, Building D, Rochester, New York.

When Roy P. Dolce died in 1999, his interests were purchased by Anthony Romano. Gerard Larkin became President, David Rodman and Anthony Romano served as Vice Presidents. They oversaw the expansion into the Buffalo & Syracuse markets as fellow ADC member companies in those markets were acquired by national competitors. In 2010 Johnson & Lund acquired a small dental IT company, TSI Dental.

In 2011, Gerard Larkin retired and sold his interests to Brian K. Welch and Anthony Romano sold his interests to William D. McGuire. William D. McGuire took over duties as President, Brian K. Welch Vice President and David Rodman remained Vice President. In 2012 Johnson & Lund began a brand revitalization with updated logos and officially began using the popular moniker "J&L" on a daily basis as J&L Dental.